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Need more content to generate leads or build brand awareness?
Discover how content curation can help you publish more and better.

But great content takes time and money

In a recent survey, 72% of Professionals said their #1 challenge was finding the time to publish content.

For the type of quality your brand needs, great content just takes work. And outsourcing is expensive plus you still need to brief, review, edit, promote...


How to make your Content Marketing lean

Great Content generates results

Publishing the type of content your target audience is interested in generates better SEO, qualified traffic, leads as well as higher engagement on social networks.


We've benchmarked Scoop.it against a dozen other solutions. It's simply the most powerful and easy-to-use content curation platform.

We get consistently great feedback from our enterprise clients on Scoop.it.

Source Through Advanced Content Curation

We crawl 20+ million web pages per day so you don't have to.

  • Get started in minutes with a few keywords
  • Fine tune with powerful advanced filters
  • Add your own sources and personalize
  • Unlimited keywords
  • Multiple languages
  • Add your own picks through our bookmarklet
  • Add context easily with WYSIWYG editing and insights

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Thought leadership and brand awreness

Engaged followers and subscribers

SEO and qualified traffic



Trusted by 1,000's of Business and Enterprise clients

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To stay visible you need to be consistent

Gone are the days where you could publish a yearly white paper and be done with content. Attention scarcity is the norm: you need daily updates to generate results.


Your own content is not always the best

Customers are more and more sophisticated and tend to be skeptical with vendor-produced content.

Who says that?

Not us but the CMO Council does (see what we did here?). 

Using third-party content intelligently becomes critical to win over prospects. 


The Lean Content Marketing Solution


Convert from white-label Content Sites

Make your curated content convert through easy-to-crate SEO-friendly content hubs.

  • Custom branding
  • Custom templates and CSS
  • Host on your own custom domain
  • Engaging format

Leverage your coworkers' expertise

Put your team to work easily: embrace the power of collaborative content curation.

  • Delegate curation/publishing rights
  • Create private content sandboxes to review suggestions
  • Distribute your content marketing workload
  • Create a content curation workflow


Integrate to any website

Through our API or without coding anything through embeds.

  • Custom branding
  • Custom templates and CSS
  • Host on your own custom domain
  • Engaging format

Distribute without limits

All your channels: social, blog, email newsletters, corporate intranet...

  • Connect all your social accounts
  • Leverage your team's social presence
  • Cross-posting in 1 click
  • Scheduling
  • Generate curated content email newsletters in a few clicks
  • Export to your favorite email platform

Work with your favorite services

  • Social Media: HootSuite, Buffer
  • CMS: Wordpress, Drupal, Wix...
  • Marketing Automation: Marketo, ActOn...
  • eMail platforms: MailChimp, Constant Contact, Exact Target...
  • Analytics: Google Analytics


Create private content hubs where your coworkers can contribute, learn and share.

  • Internal communication
  • Employee advocacy programs
  • Business intelligence
  • Create collaborative content workflows

Turnkey. Saas. VIP.

Enjoy dedicated account management to get you started and successful in no time.

  • Turnkey white-label integration by our team to your website through our standard templates
  • Full Saas solution: no installation needed
  • Content services available as an option
  • Optional orientation sessions for your team

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Michael Maloney
Global Account Director, Ogilvy

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