Integrate curated content to Wordpress

Create blog posts faster. Generate more SEO, traffic and leads.


But great content takes time and money

Average content is not an option: it won't rank and it might even hurt your brand.

Outsourcing is expensive. And still requires time to create briefs, review and edit content.


Wordpress is an empty shell without content

Content drives SEO and traffic

Every time you publish a post, it moves the needle. 

Sites with 16 or more monthly blog posts generate 3.5x more traffic than sites with weekly blog posts.


Scoop.it for Wordpress: the perfect integration

Discover relevant content in minutes. Curate and publish to Wordpress in a few clicks.
Distribute to all your social channels and email newsletters at the same time.

As a long term Scoop.it user, it has become part of my marketing strategy and I’ve seen a good return on my investment, both in traffic to my website, social networks and new clients.

Brian Yanish - Consultant

Improve SEO

Generate traffic from social networks

Engage your visitors with great content


Get started in minutes. No technical skills required.

Create a topic to source content

Pick up a few keywords and we'll find relevant content automatically.

Integrate it to Wordpress instantly

Simply enter your Wordpress' site credentials and hit "Connect".

You're done!

Curate content from the Scoop.it suggestions or through the Scoop.it bookmarklet: all the scoops you publish will now become Wordpress posts automagically.

See it in action

Schedule a live demo with one of our team members.


Turn each curated piece into a full-blown Wordpress post


A perfect match with your template



Organize your content



Leverage your existing plugins and integrations


Optimize your SEO


Auto-publish to social media


With its own permalink, your post can be individually shared by your readers and is indexed by search engines.


Added curated content is automatically formatted to match your template and your brand's look & feel.



Isolate your curated posts with a specific tag or mix them to your original content. Make them easy to search.



Your curated content now sits on your Wordpress pages with whatever plugins or javascript trackers you've installed.


Extend your search footprint with each piece of content you curate. Leverage your existing in-page optimization efforts.


As you publish your curated posts. Traffic will be redirected to your Wordpress posts.



Get a demo
Get a demo

Generate conversions from curated content

Leverage your existing Wordpress template and integrations

No coding required


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